Forme Kinder 24


The Kinder 24 only weighs 9.34kg making this one of the lightest bikes in the world for its price point and specification! Less weight helps smaller riders start easier, accelerate faster, and handle the bike with more control. At Forme we are passionate about encouraging young ones to cycle more. The performance of a bike can often be the difference between a bike ride and actual cycling. The Kinder is designed to be light, have the best components and inspire confidence. With all key points considered, the Forme Kinder is arguably the lightest best performing kid’s bike on the market. Lightweight alloy frame & fork Easy change trigger type 8 speed gears Forme custom colour matching Sureshift shifter extender Size proportioned handlebar width and components Junior specific saddle length and width 24" lightweight wheels Weather-proof internal steering system Optimum pedal position (narrow Q-Factor) All round & grippy Kenda Small Block 8 tyres


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