#TeamArragons Going Social

7 Apr 2022


Following the launch of our new team kit & movement to invite you to be part of the #Team, we're super excited to officially launch our weekly cycling diary, where you are very welcome to join us.

The whole reason for the #Team was to unite a group of friends of the shop who just love the soul enhancing wellbeing feeling of a healthy regime! We're not all superstars chasing a dream of competition, although some of the team have this aspiration, for many of us it's simply about belonging! The kit brings together the group to be visible while training & be recognisable in competition; we will support and cheer you on, whatver your endeavour... and it looks mega smart in a group ride!

You can select a ride which most suits your style & goal and join in, you can simply represent in kit to be part of the movement. Whether you aim to cycle a mile on an eBike or want to do Landsend to John O'Groats in 3 days, #TeamArragons will support and encourage you!

Head to our events page to see what's going on! #YourHub, #OurPenrith