About Team Arragons

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We are delighted to launch #TeamArragons - a movement for anyone who wants to be part of a group of positive individuals supporting each other, whatever their endeavours may be.  We aren't a registered club, but want to make our shop #YourHub.

The concept was realised when no less than 13 friends of Arragons Cycles entered Ironman Barcelona.  Such a group needed an identity along with the many supporters who will fly out to Calella to spectate.  Some of the group can be classed as Elite, some are regular participants to Ironman, some are taking on the challenge for the first time & some are doing it to justify their consumption of beer at the end!  All will support each other along the way and the 35+ support crew will sport & cheer #TeamArragons, the whole way round!

We wanted to create a simple yet striking identity & decided on timeless monochrome in order for the kit to match any colour of bike or running shoe, the bright white ensures high visibility, while background black is flattering for the figure!  The main focus is #Team so branding is about the cog rather than just a shop kit.  We have some wonderful support from local business who are proud to be emblazoned - our great friends AST Signs, Beech House Holidays, Burbush Pies, Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants, Eden River Co Brewery, Ellwood Mortgages, James Pittam Health & Fitness, Monument Locksmiths, Raging Bull Clothing and Stuart Robinson Personal Trainer.

Fancy joining the #Team?  Awesome!  Buy a keyring, train in the kit, join our events and get on our mailing list for exclusive offers, information about social events & training sessions plus many more incentives.  If your goal is to run a mile or a marathon, swim a length of the pool or the lake, complete your first super sprint tri or an Ironman, we will be there to support & encourage you every step of the way - wearing #TeamArragons will ensure you get a cheer!