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Remove old parts & service or refit new including frame tapping / facing of shell


Remove old parts and service or fit new including reaming & facing.


Adjust blocks, callipers and cables.

£15 - £20

As tune, plus new cables and correct faults.


Remove old, fit new and set up. Prove function with a test ride.

£15 per brake

Remove parts at risk of contamination, brakes are bled according to manufacturer's instructions. Pads and discs are inspected for wear and advice is given if necessary.


Adjust the cable tension, set the limit screws on both the front and rear derailleurs, index and check with a test ride.


As tune plus new cables, lubrication and correct of any mechanical fault.


Remove old, fit new and check links. Set gears and check gear function with a test ride.


Remove old, refit new and set gears and check function with a test ride.

If degreasing is required, there will be an additional charge of £5


Includes new standard price tube.


Wheel in jig or on bike, will be trued up to run through the brakes.


Using our jig we will true out flat spots and buckles. The wheel will be set to the correct tension.


Rebuild existing wheel with new hub, grease.

£30 Per Wheel

Our mechanics are DT Swiss trained wheel builder and as such, will adivse on spoke tension, pattern, rims so will bespoke your own hand built set.