All New Scott Foil-RC

All New Scott Foil-RC
1 Jul 2022

Aero, Lightweight or Comfort - choose three. Welcome to the next evolution of aero bikes with the all-new Foil RC. Designed to meet the demands of WorldTour sprinters, attackers and breakaway riders, this is the fastest road bike we've ever produced.

The Scott Foil-RC has been a successful racing bike for many years and has been used in many of the worlds largest races. The bike has won everything there is to win in the road cycling world and its previous victories have encouraged us to redesign and further enhance the bike to meet the demands of todays riders.

The 2023 version of the Foil is designed to have no comprimises in any area. Aero, lightweight and comfort are all acheived so that you dont have to make any choice on which bike to choose. Foil is the way.