Brompton Electric Customer Review

Brompton Electric Customer Review
7 Apr 2022

One of our lovely customers recently test rode our demo electric Brompton and this is what he had to say.

"Thought I would put together a few notes regarding Brompton E bike, built along the same classic design as the Brompton but with the added benefit of an integral front wheel motor, designed in collaboration with Williams formula 1. Anyway here are my thoughts on the bike.

The bike I tested was a Brompton E bike with the standard battery bag, in black finish. Having ridden numerous styles of bikes over the years I didn’t know really what to expect. What a surprise it was , opening the seat post quick release and at first judging my seat height reaching down to the M style handlebars and finding how comfortable it is.

On the right side of the handlebar you find the standard 3 speed gear, on the left hand side the 2 of rear cog, I know this as a “derailleur” in a traditional bike.

Starting off in a low gear to get used to the bike within a couple of turns of the cranks the electric motor kicks in to assist me. It is like I have turned into a pro cyclist with someone pushing me along.

Working through the gears using a combination of left and right levers I quickly found the right gears to use to move me along quite quickly.

The feel of the bike is excellent , it handles well Both on the flat and hilly sections.

Without stating the obvious the added benefit of being able to fold the bike down into a compact piece of luggage and removing the battery bag means I could carry it onto public transport or up a flight of stairs fairly easily.

All in all a well made bike worth the price tag and of course it’s British.

The image above was an 18.6 mile route I completed assistance at level 2. After the ride I still had two lights on the battery pack .


An average speed over the trip of 12.6mph , still arriving fresh but certainly knowing I have had some exercise."