Collaborating with Nitro Coffee

Collaborating with Nitro Coffee
13 Apr 2024

We are over the moon to be able to announce an exclusive collaboration with our friend Patrik of Nitro Coffee.  His mobile coffee shop - situated just across the road - offers premium coffee, tea and hot chocolate, along with a range of beautiful snacks to accompany...

As we're a small specialist team, sometimes we have busy periods where a wait is necessary before Chris or Sarah will be available to help.  Along came Patrik with a solution that we hope will be enjoyed by many!  With one of our special cards, Patrik will give you a huge 15% discount off a coffee which you can enjoy while you wait.

Cards are ready if you call for a visit and find yourself waiting a while.  As always, we will try to be with you as soon as possible, but we want all our customers to feel they have been given time and attention while shopping with us.

Enjoy a coffee & a browse of our showrooms while you wait.