Electric Bikes & Everything You Need To Know!

Electric Bikes & Everything You Need To Know!
7 Apr 2022

There are so many different types of E-Bikes on the market now, it can sometimes be hard to know whats right for you. So here we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Does an E-Bike Work?


This is possibly the most asked question when it comes to E-Bikes.

E-Bikes work by adding assistance to your own pedal power, essentially giving you a little boost. E-Bikes usually don't have a throttle, so you just put it in an assistance mode and pedal like you would a normal bicycle. You have to pedal for the assistance to work and as soon as you stop, so does the assistance.

Are There Speed Limits on E-Bikes?

In the UK, E-Bikes have a limit of 25km/h (15.5mph). The motor will provide assistance up to this speed and then cut out. You are able to pedal much faster than this, but it would just be under your own steam.

What Is The Power Output Of An E-Bike?

Now this can vary depending on what assistance mode you are in, but the maximum power cannot exceed 250 watts. Depending on what motor you have, can also vary how much torque you have. Typically an E-Hybrid would have between 50Nm and 60Nm, whereas an off-road E-MTB can have much more, from 70Nm upwards. E-MTBs need more torque as the terrain is very different to E-Hybrids.

How Long Will The Battery Last?

This can be read 2 ways, how far can you go on one charge or what is the lifetime of one battery?

The life time of one battery can vary between manufacturers, for example:

  • Shimano STEPS batteries are guaranteed to have 60% capacity for 2 years or 1000 Charge Cycles. This is 1000 charges from 0% to 100%.

  • Bosch batteries are guaranteed for 2 years from the customer purchase date or 500 Charges. They also replace a battery under warranty if 40% capacity is lost within 2 years.


In terms of how far you can go on one charge, this also depends on manufacturer and battery capacity. If you have Shimano STEPS, your estimated to obtain a range of between 30 and 80 miles, depending on how you use the assistance. The range is Similar for Bosch.

What Are The Charge Times?

This varies depending on the manufacturer and model of battery, but often it takes around 2.5 hours to obtain 80% charge and 100% takes around 5 hours. This means you can charge it on an evening and have it ready for the next day!

Servicing E-Bikes

At Arragons Cycles we are a Shimano Service Centre, meaning we specialise in servicing Shimano Components such as Shimano STEPS, but that doesn't mean we can't service other E-Bike systems. We have diagnostics software for Shimano STEPS, Bosch and a range of other systems. If you have any technical problems, be that electronic or mechanical, we are can take a look.

If you are still not sure if an Electric Bike is for you or have any other questions, pop in the shop and we will be happy to help or give us a call on 01768890344.