Introducing... The SCOTT PATRON eRIDE

Introducing... The SCOTT PATRON eRIDE
7 Apr 2022

From flow to rougher trails, the Patron eRIDE is like a Swiss knife, able to bring you up the trail with efficiency and ride down with confidence. It has the biggest internal battery and the latest technologies. 160mm of travel front and rear.

The Patron comes with a completely new and revolutionary design. The rear suspension is fully integrated into the frame and gives 160mm of travel. More than a design element, the shock integration gives space to the other elements such as the motor, the battery and a water bottle. Easy to access, the shock comes with our TwinLoc technology to lock the suspension directly from the handlebar for optimal pedalling efficiency.​​​

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The Patron eRIDE comes with the latest electric technology from Bosch. Looking for​ more autonomy? The Patron sets a new standard with the new 750Wh battery and​ its 20% additional capacity. One of the biggest achievement of this bike is to fit the biggest battery on the market without impacting the tube proportions, we were also able to keep offering all sizes from S to XL. Expect to do up to 100km or 2000m of elevation on eco mode or half that if you select the Turbo mode.​


The Bosch motor comes with 85Nm and up to 340% assistance and totally new software that amplifies this natural feeling.


The motor is one of the key element on any E-MTB, therefore we wanted to protect it from impacts. On the Patron eRIDE, the motor is vertically positioned and supported from underneath. The frame acts like a nest with the motor cradled on top for a natural support.​


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