Ridgeback Smiles for Miles end of Season SALE

Ridgeback Smiles for Miles end of Season SALE
29 Nov 2022

We're having a little sale of some of our Super Ridgeback Electron bikes.  While current stocks last, you can save a whopping £750 on the Ridgeback Di2 Electron Step Thru bike & £500 on our standard Electron:

First up is the Ridgeback Di2 Electron with automatic gear change and Shimano Steps E5000 super smooth, eerily quiet system which will enable you to cycle all day without dreaded range anxiety!  This bike is a cracker if you're out of the habit of cycling and have gear fear as all of that is taken care of, thanks to Di2 system.  As your confidence improves, you could switch to manual gears with ease if you wish.

If you're happy with a slightly lower expectation on miles per charge, the Electron step thru is for you & now with £500 discount, she is an absolute pearler of a machine - not just in looks!  It has a 300wh battery which we'd suggest will allow you 20-30 miles of charge per ride.  The mega punchy SportDrive System is super powerful and will get you rolling up the steepest of hills with confidence.

Visit our store for a look and test ride and make someone's year with this gift of speed, health & wellness.