Where it all began... going down a history rabbit hole!

Where it all began... going down a history rabbit hole!
24 May 2024

My friend sent me a picture he saw on Facebook today, I think from the site 'Penrith Old Photos', I don't know who to credit it to at the moment.  It shows Arragons Cycle's beginning, in the centre of Middlegate at the heart of Penrith.  My Grandad - Tommy Arragon - aquired the business from Mr Milburn, formerly Milburns Cycles, way back in 1969. 

Arragons Cycles was later taken over by my Dad who built a property on Brunswick Road for the expanding business around 1989.  It was in October 2003 when Phil and I took charge and in 2005 we expanded down Brunswick Road onto Duke Street into the store we have today.

In 2023, courtesy of the brilliant AST Signs, Phil and I rebranded Brunswick Road to celebrate our 20 year achievement.  Mark thought we needed to celebrate the whole history of the business, rather than just our milestone, so along with new signage 'Cycling Since 69' was born!  

I think this picture will have been taken soon after Grandad bought the store, quite possibly in 1969.  The property remained in our family for many years after Arragons Cycles moved onto Brunswick Road.  It was Penrith Outdoors before Mam & Dad retired and sold to a developer who now host a Kebab Shop.

It's not often we sit down to look at how things have shaped, but this photo today really made me see how things change, how we evolve and how important our town centres are.  It's the businesses in town that really help to make a town a home and I hope that our High Streets will remain for future generations.