Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Belt L 28" S8



PRODUCTCOLORNAME375 - champion redE-BIKEYesEAN-FRAME SHAPELow-stepPRODUCT TYPEComfortSITTING POSITIONActiveFRAME & FRONTFORKCABELS INTEGRATEDYesFORK DESCRIPTIONAluminium, springing in headset, lightweightFORK SUSPENSION TYPEinternal to headsetFRAME DESCRIPTIONStable aluminium frame with 70,5° headset angle and 71,5° saddle tube angle for sporty cycling characteristics. Battery, motor and cables harmoniously integrated into the frame. High-quality finish with attention to detail.FRAME MATERIALAluminiumREAR CARRIER DESCRIPTIONGazelle commuter, aluminiumSIZESTRAVEL OF SUSPENSION FORK40 mmWHEEL & TIRESFENDERAluminumRIMSRyde DutchSPOKE DESCRIPTIONStainless steel, extra strongTIRE SIZE ETRTO47-622TIRES PUNCTURE RESISTANTYesSTEERINGGRIP TYPEGazelle Aero leatherGRIPSLuxury leather handlebar grips for a sophisticated feel and extra comfortHANDLEBAR DESCRIPTIONAluminium, slightly curved modelSTEM DESCRIPTIONWith toolbox, steplessly adjustableTRANSMISSION & BRAKEBRAKE FRONTDisc brake with hydraulic controlBRAKE REARDisc brake with hydraulic controlBRAKE LEVER DESCRIPTIONShimano BR-MT200BRAKE SYSTEMhydraulic brakes, 2 pistonBRAKE SYSTEM CODES8BRAKE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION FRONTShimano BR-MT200, 2 pistonBRAKE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION REARShimano BR-MT200, 2 pistonDISC BRAKE ROTOR SIZE FRONT180 mmDISC BRAKE ROTOR SIZE REAR160 mmDRIVETRAINBeltFRONT HUBShimanoFRONT CHAINWHEEL55GEAR SYSTEM DESCRIPTION8-speed Shimano NexusGEAR TYPEhubREAR CHAINWHEEL26REAR HUBShimano Nexus, 8 speeds, freewheelSHIFTERShimano Nexus 8SADDLEADJUSTABLE STEMYesSEATPOST DESCRIPTIONFixedSEATPOST SUSPENSIONNoOTHERCARRIER MIK SYSTEMNoCHAINGates CDX belt drive, with CentertrackCHAINCASE DESCRIPTIONAluminumCOAT PROTECTORNoKICKSTANDUrsus MooiKICKSTAND TYPEdrop-down rear standLOCK TYPEAxa Block XXLLOCK DESCRIPTIONRing lock with an option for a plug-in cable to attach your bike to a fixed object for extra protection against theftLOCK SAFETY LEVELART ** certifiedSYSTEMAMOUNT OF SUPPORT LEVELS4BATTERISYSTEMBoschBATTERY REPLACEABLEYesBATTERY TYPELi-ionDISPLAY MODELBosch Intuvia LCD centerDISPLAY CONTROL UNITYesDISPLAY DESCRIPTIONThe Intuvia display can be read under all lighting conditions and the eBike can be controlled easily and intuitively. Thanks to the separate control unit, your hands remain securely on the handlebar at all times, while the shift recommendation means you always pedal in the correct gear. This preserves the battery and increases your range. Intuvia means you always have all riding data clearly in sight.DISPLAY LOCATIONcenter displayDISPLAY TYPELCDEBIKE CHARGER DESCRIPTION4 AhEBIKE SYSTEM LONG DESCRIPTIONThe Bosch Active Line Plus gives natural and silent assistance. With a torque of 50 Nm you can handle practically any terrain. Whether flat or hilly, with this motor you arrive comfortably at your destination.EBIKE SYSTEM SHORT DESCRIPTIONBoschEBIKE USAGEflat and hilly terrainENGINE LOCATIONmid-drive motorENGINE MODELBosch Active Line Plus (50Nm)MAX SPEED (KM/H)25 km/hWALK ASSISTYesLIGHTINGFRONT LIGHT LUX50FRONT LIGHT POWERSOURCEBatteryREAR LIGHT DESCRIPTIONLED battery supply, on/off switching via displayREAR LIGHT POWERSOURCEBatteryREAR LIGHT TYPEHerrmans H-Cargo


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