Pro Stealth Curved Performance Saddle



  • The Next Generation PRO Stealth Saddles

    The Stealth Curved Performance Saddle is designed for competitive road cyclists looking to maximise their aerodynamic advantage, without sacrificing comfort or weight

    With the aid of PRO's Evolved Ergonomics and updated design principles the next generation Stealth Saddles were created to ensure riders have a choice. Available in two versions ‐ the Stealth Performance features the proven performance shape, with a short, wide nose and weaved side profile, designed to help competitive cyclists put more power though the pedals while holding a deep, aerodynamic position. The Stealth Curved Performance is built on the same winning platform, while it's rounded profile and slightly narrower nose ensures that flexible riders, who move from left-to-right on the saddle, are able to achieve that same aggressive position comfortably, while moving laterally

    Both Performance versions feature a carbon reinforced polymer base, stainless steel INOX rails, lightweight EVA padding and a smooth PU cover. Available in 142 and 152mm widths, the Stealth Performance saddles have a broad anatomic recess, designed to prevent discomfort, and are reinforced with the signature Stealth triple-bridge design


  • Designed to facilitate an aggressive, aerodynamic, position on the bike
  • Carbon reinforced polymer base construction
  • Stainless steel INOX rails
  • Lightweight EVA padding
  • Smooth PU Cover
  • Broad anatomic recess
  • Widths: 142mm and 152mm
  • Weight: from 204g

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