Our budget Endurance orientated saddle, the Tofino V is part of our V-Concept saddle program which was developed for the more flexible rider, particularly in the pelvis and lumbar spine, who tend to ride a more aggressive aero position. Their shape on the bike is similar to a V, hence the name. These riders sit towards the front of the saddle supported by their pubic rami. The riding position is lower in general and requires a slightly different shaped saddle. The 2.0 features CrMo rails while the cut out version is for riders with a higher sensitivity in the symphysis region. Generally riders are on the front part of the pelvis and central part of the saddle nose. The Cut out transfers weight to the bones to either side as opposed to the middle.Developed in conjunction with world renowned bike fit company Gebiomized, this saddle has been designed to offer the maximum tailored bike fit solution for an off the peg saddle.


  • Endurance Road and MTB
  • Base Glassfiber-reinforced nylon
  • Rails 7x7mm Hollow CrMo
  • Foam PU
  • Cover Microfabric
  • Shape Cut Out
  • Dimensions 250x145mm
  • Weight 245g
  • Features Additional padding and a relaxed geometry makes this saddle a hit across multiple disciplines Glassfiber-reinforced nylon shell Hollow CrMo rails PU foam for comfort all day long Pressure relief cut out design redirects weight off of sensitive tissue Waterproof microfabric cover

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